Access Control

Protect Your Enterprise, Your Employees, and Your Reputation

Physical security measures are not only the first encounter clients have with your organization, but they are also critical to ensuring a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors, alike.

LG-TEK specializes in:

  • Physical Security Solutions
  • Escort Support
  • Personnel Security Training
  • Construction Surveillance Security

Extensive Options for Enhanced Security

Whether active, passive, manual, or even automated, LG-TEK can help your business’s command center achieve new levels of security control, while providing clientele with a seamless, streamlined experience throughout the duration of their visit.

LG-TEK’s access control solutions can also help your enterprise or business:

  • Keep track of everyone who enters and exits your facility.
  • Ensure that no unauthorized individuals are provided entry.
  • Limit access to secure and/or designated areas.
  • Manage multiple locations and/or entry points, including elevators, garages, and loading docks.
  • Provide employees with peace of mind.
  • And much more!

Join the LG-TEK Team

LG-TEK is continuously on the lookout for exemplary professionals in the Access Control field. Click on the links below to view job descriptions:

  • Security Guards
  • Access Control Officers
  • Security Specialists
  • Logisticians